Bombay 99
From the makers of Bailley water comes the newest range of mixers crafted to enhance the experience of your favorite drinks. We created the branding & packaging design for the launch of the product line. We brought the branding to life through custom flourishes and ornaments inspired by the shape of a single droplet from a mixer's drink.

Client: Bailley By Parle Agro
Agency: &Walsh
Creative Direction: Jessica Walsh
Cmo Of Parle Agro: Nadia Chauhan
Strategy: Lauren Walsh
Production: Gosbinda Vizarretea, Allison Raich, Samantha Galvao, Amy Chuyin Liang, Evan Delp
Design Lead: Uting Xie, Lucas Luz
3d Design: Pawel Stojek, Sanchit Sawaria, Lorenzo Cobo, Lucas Luz
Animation: Pawel Stojek, Lorenzo Cobo, Lucas Luz, Lucas Ramos
Illustration: Sanchit Sawaria
Photography: Tiffany Thebodeau, Chelsea Finkel, Jarett Loeffler
Retouching: Tiffany Thebodeau
Design: Uting Xie, Lucas Luz, Yijia (Aqua) Xie, Kristýna Jenčová, Fabrizio Morra, Jessica Gracia, Juanse Carvajal, Marie Ducrocq, Riisa Liao, Sasyk Mihal, Sofia Noronha, Soomin Jung, Tais Kahatt, Zitong Zhao, Andrew Bogard, Oscar Maia, Simoul Alva

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