Kathrein Privatbank is a leading private bank in Austria, helping clients to better live their narrative with the most personalized private banking experience. Every product and service they offer is in the pursuit of personal.
The art direction of the visual language comprises of elements of marble and baroque architecture. In their identity, we focused on bringing forward Kathrein’s Austrian roots in combination with their deep commitment to personalization to separate them from their larger international competitors.

Client: Kathrein Privatbank
Agency: &Walsh Creative
Direction: Jessica Walsh
Strategy: Lauren Walsh
Copywriting: Stephanie Halovanic
Production: Allison Raich, Emily Jing Sum Chan, Samantha Galvao, Evan Delp
Lead Designer: Carlos Bocai
Design: Elinor O’brien, Sasyk Mihal, Michael Kelly, Jiayue Li, Riisa Liao, Oscar Maia, Fabrizio Morra, Cristina Giménez, Rita Goulão, Jessica Gracia, Hayley Lim, Lucas Ramos, Andrew Bogard
Animation: Michael Kelly, Lucas Luz, Elinor O’brien, Lorenzo Cobo
3d: Sanchit Sawaria, Pawel Stojek, Inkyung Hur, Poppy Zafeiraki, Jenny Jiang, Lorenzo Cobo

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